New Website

It's been several years since I've had a working website. Consider this the curse of the shoemaker's children; when you spend your entire life in front of a screen, writing code and content, coming home and doing it again seems like a chore.

However, as part of the work I've been doing with the Carnegie Museum of Art, I've started writing again. Some of the writing is internal—only interesting to people who are deeply, intimately involved in the project itself. But there are the things that I've been writing that...don't fit anywhere there. Half-formed essays that I'd like to read, but that nobody's written, interesting technical discoveries that I don't have people to talk to about, small projects that I'm doing, but that could be shared to people outside my little basement cave.

2015 thus far has been a year of talking—I've given 10 talks of varying levels of formality in the past three months. It might be interesting to see if it can also be a year of writing.

-- David